EEO Representation

The Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) Office consider the OPM to be kept in compliance with the regulations and regulations to make the discrimination prohibited in the Federal workplace. EEO claims could be brought against OPM by anyone who believes that an employer or organization is making the discrimination on the basis of religion, race, nationality, sex or any such factor.

The equal employment opportunity disability could also be claimed by individuals who think that their disability is being targeted or is being used to make them discriminated from other employees The EEO can become a source of making the claims of disabled individuals to have the equal opportunities of employment.

Policy Objective

The overall policy objective for the employment discrimination laws we will be examining is summed up by the phrase equal opportunity. These laws generally do not aim to create equal outcomes, but rather seek to ensure that all employees or job applicants have an equal opportunity to engage in the employment market. In other words, these laws try to level ‘the playing field’ so that certain classes of people are facing any sort of discrimination that have nothing to do with qualification or skills.